Economists are sounding the alarm as a 'perfect storm' of threats are aligning to hit the dollar this May. 


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U.S. Dollar Under Attack!

A 'Perfect Storm' Could Hit
The Dollar This May

Special Report

Experts urge clients to protect their assets before May 1st.

Growing BRICS Power Threatens a Dollar in Decline

"[Losing the dollar as the world's currency] would be bigger than losing any war."

- Donald Trump

The anti-American BRICS are moving forward with their plan for a gold-back currency this May. It could undo dollar dominance and result in skyrocketing inflation, a severe economic downturn, and devastated retirement savings.

Digital Dollar Jeopardizes Freedom and Finances

"It's the end of your freedom and you have to be aware because soon, I don't know when, but it will happen overnight. Soon everything will be collapsing and the banks will close and there will be chaos."

- Glenn Beck

Fed Chairman Powell said, “If we’re going to have a CBDC, Congress needs to authorize it." And that authorization could occur this May. Once they do, it can bring about an end to cash, banks, and privacy as all transactions would go thru the Federal Reserve.

Millions of Americans are flocking to physical precious metals before May 1st to protect against the digital dollar.

Massive National Debt Sinks Dollar into 'Death Spiral'

"[The national debt is] a cliff, we see the cliff.. and we’re going 60 miles an hour [toward it]...and when we go over...there will be a [global] rebellion."

- JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

Faced with a $34 trillion debt, a fractured Congress is unable to prevent us from crossing the "point of no return" this May. The Congressional Budget Office just called the debt an existential threat to the US.

Everyone from Financial Gurus to Central Banks are acquiring gold as fast as they can to defend against the collapsing dollar.

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U.S. Dollar Under Attack!

A 'Perfect Storm' Could Hit The Dollar This May

Special Report

Experts urge clients to protect their assets before May 1st.

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