The Federal Reserve announced they are now testing the 'digital dollar'. They'll be joined by major banks like Citigroup, HSBC, Mastercard, and Wells Fargo.

And you should be scared!
The 'digital dollar' puts all your money in the hands of the government.

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Financial Freedom in America will soon be gone!

The 'Digital Dollar' is now a reality.


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They'll be able to....

  • Know what's in your accounts and what you buy
  • Limit what you purchase and the causes you support
  • Take everything away with the click of a button

Thousands of Americans have already used this Legal IRS-Proof loophole to move their retirement accounts (IRA,401k,TSP, etc.) into certain real assets that protect against Biden's 'digital dollar'.
We've prepared this exclusive guide, which details how you can use this IRS-loophole to protect your wealth and retirement savings.
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But you must act before this digital nightmare completely takes over.

P.S. Experts warn present day digital currencies are extremely vulnerable to theft, scams and illegal trade. When money is turned into nothing more than a computer code, it becomes easy to steal. Protect your savings with a real investment. Request your free, 25 - page guide now.


David Buchanan
Head of Client Success
American Hartford Gold